The BrandFu Tour - Building your Brand is Easy.

BrandFu is a tool designed to allow you to manage your day-to-day outbound email marketing and branding efforts. No hardware to buy, no software to install.

Consistently Apply Your Brand

Choose a Signature Layout and make it your own.

  • View the Signature Template Screen Shot

    Customizing Signature Templates takes just a few minutes.

    Choose from one of BrandFu's elegant signature layout templates and change colors and fonts to match your identity. You can also upload logo's to certain templates and link them to your website.

  • View the Signature fields Screen Shot

    Add and edit signature elements in seconds to ensure a consistent and correct signature every time.

    Create global signature elements such as your office telephone, physical address, and website address, and then add user-specific elements for mobile numbers and email addresses to tailor make signatures for each user.

    Tag your user's email addresses to classify users into office locations, or departments and then match those tags to signature elements to ensure that every user gets only the signature elements they need.

  • View the Signature Style Screen Shot

    Change signature layouts and styles whenever you want.

    Feel like a change? Simply select a new signature layout from the layout gallery and use it. BrandFu will morph your current signature into the new layout seamlessly.

    Experiment and change styles anytime you want to, and only publish them to live when you're ready to.


Always Be Marketing, Don't Miss an Opportunity.

Create banner campaigns, queue them up, drive traffic.

  • View the Campaign Banner Screen Shot

    Create Unlimited Banner Campaigns, with as many linked banners as you want

    Banner campaigns group sets of banners together and are applied randomly to a users outbound email if that user is associated to that campaign. Group as many banners as you want into a campaign and create simple A/B tests by creating two banner campaigns and seeing which one gets a better click through rate.

  • View the Campaign Address Screen Shot

    Run Campaigns in parallel to brand different people in your company

    Target your customer segments discretely by creating team specific campaigns, and then associate only team members to those campaigns. This is great for support teams versus marketing and sales team campaigns.

  • View the Campaign Data Screen Shot

    Plan ahead, by scheduling Banner Campaigns to start and stop on future dates

    Create campaigns with future start and end dates to align with your marketing strategy and seasonal promotions. You can also add and remove banners from continuous campaigns anytime you wish.


Get Insight into your BrandFu

Find out which banners are working best for you.

  • View the Campaign Reports Screen Shot

    Campaign Analysis Reports give you detailed insight into campaign and banner performance.

    The analysis report allows you to see click through rates for a campaign or for each individual banner in a campaign. You also get views into how many sends of each banner occurred, as well as which of your users sent the most banners from a campaign. FInally we tell you which email domains clicked the most on each banner, so you can easily identify potential customers or user bases for further marketing efforts.

  • View the Delivery Reports Screen Shot

    Get simple to use delivery reporting

    Because final delivery of your outbound email is our responsibility, we give you a simple to use delivery report which allows you to search for mail sent by BrandFu on a day from a sender to a recipient. We let you know if the mail was delivered, or if not, why it wasn't delivered. Peace of mind, simplified.

  • View the Dashboard Screen Shot

    The BrandFu Dashboard

    Get a quick overview of campaign performance with a consolidated dashboard. The dashboard tells you how many campaigns are running, how many emails we've branded, and the overall click through rate for the last 30 days.


Change your outbound mail service to deliver through BrandFu.

  • View the Google Feature Screen Shot

    For Google™ Apps for Business customers, just change the outbound email gateway.

    Google™ Apps for Business allows email domains to configure an Outbound Email Gateway. This gateway can be pointed to BrandFu's robust cloud-based email server cluster, so that all email sent from your users will be branded seamlessly on delivery.

  • View the Smart Host Screen Shot

    For on-site mail setups such as Microsoft™ Exchange, Zimbra, Exim or Postfix, simply create a SmartHost relay.

    On sign-up you will be given an SMTP authentication username and password to use for creating a secure relay connection to BrandFu's email servers.

  • View the Client Setup Screen Shot

    For Hosted and ISP mail environments, simply change your mail client Outgoing Server settings.

    As with on-site mail setups, customers will receive an SMTP authentication username and password on sign-up, which can be used to configure your users email client outbound server settings.