Frequently Asked Questions

Some important things you need to know about BrandFu

What is BrandFu?

BrandFu is a cloud based email transformation service which applies a signature and/or banner advertisement to emails which are sent through our email servers after they leave your network.

Why is BrandFu different?

BrandFu is different because unlike traditional email marketing services it does not focus on newsletters and subscription based mass marketing. Instead, BrandFu, focuses its energies on branding your everyday business email that you send to clients, partners, suppliers and the world at large.

This often overlooked aspect of your marketing strategy is where BrandFu shines. BrandFu ensures that your email is always professionally branded when it leaves your network, and that you are always marketing your products, services and business through banners on your routine, everyday email.

How does BrandFu do it's thing?

When an email from your company arrives at our servers, BrandFu identifies the sending email address and determines what branding elements it should apply to it. These elements could be a signature template, a banner ad, or both. We then apply the relevant branding for a sending address and then deliver it on to its final destination. This ensures that every email which leaves your network is always professionally and consistently branded.

How do I send my outbound email through BrandFu's servers?

If you run your own on-site servers, you can add a SMTP relay smarthost to deliver all outgoing email through BrandFU using SMTP authentication for your domains. If you are a Google Apps for Business customer, you can change the Outbound gateway settings for your domains through the Google Apps Admin Console.

Finally, if you use a 3rd-party or hosted email service you simply change the Outbound server settings for each user in their email client application. (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.)

Can I control how my branding is applied?

Yes you can. BrandFu allows to decide whether branding should be re-applied on email replies and forwards. You can choose to only brand once (either on first email or on first reply) or on every email.

How does BrandFu select the banners to apply when I have many campaigns running?

If a sending address has been associated to one campaign and that campaign has three banners, we will randomly select the banner across the three banners available. If a sender is associated to two or more campaigns then we randomly select across all banners in all associated campaigns.

Does BrandFu brand plain text email?

No. Because BrandFu allows you to apply images and rich content styles such as colors and fonts to signatures for outgoing email, we are only be able to brand emails composed as HTML.
Plain Text emails will simply be delivered to the intended recipient un-altered.

Can I choose not to brand emails?

Yes you can. BrandFu supports subject line Tags which allow you exclude all branding for an email you send.

What security checks do BrandFu's servers perform on my outgoing email?

BrandFu performs spam and virus/malware checks on every email passing through our servers. If we detect viruses or spam in your email we will automatically notify you, and we wont deliver that email. We have to do this because we are a cloud based provider that provides our service to many customers, and therefore our reputation and those of our customers, needs to be protected.