Consistent across Platforms.

BrandFu transforms every email you send into a Marketing Moment.

Create professionally branded email for every platform.
Apply a consistent signature every time you send an email.
Send linked marketing banners to your capitive audience.
Manage it all in one place.

Email Branding
  • Market your business in minutes.

    Manage your email branding anywhere, anytime.

    • Apply branding on-the-fly


      After users send an email through our servers, we'll apply the right email signatures and banner ad's before final delivery.

    • Email Signature Templates


      Style one of BrandFu’s built-in email signature templates, to capture your business’ unique corporate identity and contact info.

    • Email Banner Campaigns


      Create as many banner campaigns as you need, and upload as many banners per campaign as you want. Set start and end dates, and decide which email users receive branding from a campaign.

    • Integration


      Seamless integration with Google™ Analytics and Google™ Apps for Business, allows you to track your BrandFu banner performance and import your users. No Setup required.

    • Control your Email Branding


      Control how your email branding is applied in replies and forwards. You can also tag addresses, and then match tags to signature fields for complete control over who gets a field in their signature.

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"BrandFu was an easy choice when it came to making a statement of professionalism and quality with our email branding and company signatures" Amy Davis, CIB Insurance Administrators
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